Reasons Event Experts Say Hiring a Party Planner is Always the Right Choice

It is often a misconception that doing a party on your own is more cost-efficient compared to hiring a party planner. Sure, when you don’t hire a specific person to do the planning and execution of your upcoming event, you can save on the labour costs for this item on your budget. However, this is not always the way to go, especially when you are aiming for a grand and totally fabulous party experience. More often than not, the absence of a party planner leads the whole event into chaos, and this is the last thing you’d want to happen in your own fete.

So why exactly should you hire a party planner? If you are going to ask the expert party planners in Singapore, here’s a list of the top reasons they’d be giving you:

  1. You can actually save more than you expected.

At first glance, doing the party details on your own may seem cost-efficient, but in the long run you’ll realize you are spending more than you have actually planned. This is because you tend to try things that are not necessary for the party, just to know whether they will work or not-and all these cost money.

In contrast, hiring a party planner already gets rid of the unnecessary spending, as he or she knows what exactly do you need even during your first meeting. The party planner already has a network of contacts for party needs, and they have already been tested several times. Through a party planner you can also avail of huge discounts, and these matter a lot in staying within your allotted event budget.

  1. You get to work with someone who’s had more than enough experience.

Another major perk of hiring an event or party planner is that you get to work with someone who has a great hand in managing the logistical aspects of the project. They already know how to estimate the needs of the guests, from the size of the venue to the amount of food to order from the caterer, including the amount for contingency. They also have more concrete suggestions and outlines as to how the party will be executed, from the preparation stage to the post-mortem (packing up) phase.

On the other hand, if you handle the planning by yourselves or without the assistance of a professional, you may end up making wrong and unwanted choices for the party.

  1. You are able to save time.

When you are assigned to work on a party, regardless if you have a team, you have to render full time service just to make it happen. In other words, you will be investing on precious time and effort for such an event. You may not be able to attend to your other tasks because of it, and true enough, it will leave you so stressed.

Hiring an event planner saves you from this kind of disadvantage. You may have to coordinate with the planner from time to time, but this person will then be taking on the ground work-thus saving you time and effort to do the task.

  1. You have someone to market your party properly.

One of the things that make a party successful is the marketing, and not everybody realizes this. Sure, you can invite guests, but convincing them to attend the party is a different matter. If you don’t know how to convince them properly, then they won’t be going to your party.

A party planner in Singapore on the other hand knows not only the groundwork in party preparation, but also in the marketing strategies. They are able to come up with spiels and presentations that give target audiences the reason to take part in your event, and they also have a network of contacts to help them bring in the crowd.